365 ~ Day 90 ~ Railway

Fort Calgary’s Railway Era
A real estate boom from 1907-1913 brought big opportunities for business and transportation.  The NWMP Barracks were in a prime location and the Federal Government sold Fort Calgary to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.  The first tracks were built in 1911, and in 1914 the NWMP moved to the old courthouse downtown.

Only Superintendent Deane’s house survived.  It was moved to the east side of the site to become the station-master’s house.  In 1929, it was moved again to its present location.  The railway contributed to the growth of Calgary, leaving the birthplace of the community buried under the tracks and warehouses.  River valley parkland became a light industrial site.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Fort Calgary was not entirely forgotten.  A memorial plaque was placed on the original site by NWMP veterans.  A second monument recognizing Fort Calgary as a National Historic Site was placed in Central (Memorial) Park in1925 by the Federal Government. The same year, a scale model of the Fort was displayed on St. George’s Island to mark 50 years since the NWMP arrived.