365 ~ Day 274 ~ Sparrow

Ok, so I have a story this time around ... laugh because I did ... its good to learn to laugh at yourself and not take things so seriously.

So this week, I have been working with a long lens and not getting the results that I thought I should.  Now I have 2 long lens, 70-200mm which is a great lens and I really do like using even though I don't use it a lot.  I also have 70-300mm, which, here it comes, I forgot about!! LoL  So this morning at about 3am, I woke from a dead sleep to say to myself I have a 300mm lens in my piles of goodies.  So when I did get up this morning, I went looking for it and found it.  And now I am getting what I was hoping for earlier in the week!!  LoL 😂

I have some practising to do yet but I am much happier with what I got this afternoon.  However, just because I wanted to practising doesn't mean the birdies wanted to be models, LoL!!


  1. You've captured him well, Kelly. Well positioned and sharp where it matters.

    1. Thank you :) He sat there just screaming to have his photo taken :)


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