365 ~ Day 286 ~ Outlaw


While the bull has become a financial symbol of prosperity and optimism, the Bullish on Your Future art initiative was inspired by Outlaw. Canada’s most famous bull, Outlaw, a red-and-white speckled Brahma bull, was born in 1997 and purchased by the Calgary Stampede in 1999.

Outlaw was one of the greatest athletes to ever perform at the Calgary Stampede. He had a legendary career in the world of rodeo, ridden only once for the full eight seconds in 71 trips out of the chute. Outlaw was named Champion Bull at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in 2002 and at the Calgary Stampede in 2003. Known for his intelligence and athleticism, Outlaw’s moves in the arena earned him the reputation of being one of the “rankest” bulls in the world of rodeo and also one of the most respected.
In 2008, CFA Society Calgary partnered with CFA Institute (the global association of investment professionals) and the Calgary Stampede to create Bullish on Your Future art initiative. The vision was to create an iconic bronze sculpture in the heart of downtown Calgary, representing our energy and optimism, acknowledging our western heritage and values and symbolizing the city as a rising financial centre.

Outlaw was sculpted in bronze by artist Richard Loffler